Miumaeov 43cc Weed Eater/Wacker 2-Stroke Gas Powered Lawn Edger Grass Trimmer Tools with 2 Blade Heads for Yard Garden

Miumaeov 43cc Weed Eater/Wacker 2-Stroke Gas Powered Lawn Edger Grass Trimmer Tools with 2 Blade Heads for Yard Garden

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Our weed wacker is powered by fuel for high power and safety. Two blade heads are available to meet your multiple-use needs. It starts up universally with two-stroke engines . so you can get to know how to use it quickly and accurately. It will be your powerful mowing assistant to help keep your lawn and garden neat and beautiful! 


Key Features 

Easy to Carry and Store: The carrying strap allows for easy carrying while lightening the load on your hands. Its detachable design ensures convenient storage when not in use.  

Safety Protection: The throttle safety lock prevents accidental touching of the accelerating throttle and causing an accident to ensure the safety of users during operation. 

Efficient Heat Dissipation: The multiple heat dissipation holes on the engine can effectively speed up the heat dissipation inside the engine . thus guaranteeing the efficient and smooth running of the engine. 

Simple Assembly: Thanks to the long pole with a fastener design . complete installation components . and a detailed English manual . you can assemble this product or replace the blade heads easily and quickly. 

Protective Shipping: Multiple packaging of foam shafts . bubble wrap . plastic bags . sponges . and rigid cardboard boxes can protect the product from wear and tear during shipping so that you can receive an almost non-destructive product.



Large Fuel Tank: The 33.8 oz large capacity fuel tank ensure long-term use without frequent refueling. 

Grass Baffle: It can effectively prevent the broken grass from splashing around when mowing the lawn . thus making it easier to clean up the lawn after mowing and ensuring your safety. 

Funnel: The red funnel makes it easier to add fuel and less likely to leak.


Starting Method

1. Fill the fuel tank with well-proportioned fuel. (Mixing ratio: 1:20-25 for FB/FC grade engine oil . 1:40-50 for FD grade engine oil)

2. Press the fuel bubble under the carburetor until the fuel bubble is full of fuel.

3. Turn the off switch to the "I" position.

4. Pull the starter rope.

5. When there is a starting response . close the damper and pull the starter rope again.

6. After starting . open the damper.

7. Cycle to accelerate the warm-up machine work.

8. For the first 10 hours of use . the oil mixture ratio should be a little thicker . then follow the normal ratio.



This product is mainly used for home lawn mowing . orchard mowing . tea garden mowing . cutting rice and wheat . cutting corn stalks . reed harvesting . pond side weed removal . bushes cutting . etc. . and mostly used in agriculture . forestry . landscaping . and urban greening.



Color: Red . Silver

Material: PP . Aluminum Alloy . Manganese Steel . Nylon

Assembly Required: Yes

Usage: Side-mounted

Displacement: 43CC

Power: 1.25kw

Rotation Speed: 8500r/min

Engine Type: Single-cylinder Air-cooled 2-stroke Gasoline Engine

Carburetor Type: Diaphragm Carburetor

Gasoline Oil Mixing Ratio: 20-25:1  

Idling Speed: 2800-3200r/min  

Fuel Tank Volume: 1000ml /33.8 Oz

Operating Noise: About 110db

Engine Size: 26*22*27cm/10.24*8.66*10.63in

Product Length: 1.75m/5.74ft

Gross Weight: 9kg/ 19.84 lbs

Package Size: 107*27*27 cm/42.13*10.63*10.63 in


Package Included

1 * Weed Wacker

1 * Oil Pot

1 Pair* Goggles 

1 * Funnel

1 * Carrying Strap

1 * English Manual

All Accessories for Installation

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